11 Jan Investment Casting Foundry Sylatech joins Cast Metals Federation

The Cast Metals Federation are delighted to welcome Sylatech Ltd into its membership.  The company uses the investment, or lost wax, casting process to produce thin walled, precision parts with a superior surface finish for the aerospace, defence and satellite communications sectors.  Together with its CNC machining capability, Sylatech utilises rapid manufacturing technologies to offer prototype parts with approval to the AS9100 quality standard.

In welcoming Sylatech into membership, CMF CEO Pam Murrell said, “our Federation has a long history with the investment casting sector in the UK, dating back to when the Federation was formed from three separate organisations, one of which was BICTA which represented businesses in the investment casting sector and its supply chain.  We look forward to working with the team from Sylatech as they continue with their expansive plans for development following success in being accepted into the Sharing in Growth initiative.

Charlie Breese, Sylatech’s Managing Director agreed, saying “Joining the CMF is an important step for us as we seek to engage with the Federation and other Members as part of our vison to continuously improve our operational efficiencies and optimise the performance of the business.  We fully intend to benefit from the services and networking opportunities available from the CMF, as well as taking advantage of the range of expertise available from Sharing in Growth’s highly experienced coaches, on topics such as leadership, strategy, culture, lean manufacturing and business development.


e – engineer@sylatech.com

t – 01751 432 355

Angela Mason
Angela Mason