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Online Training in Die Casting

Courses for technicians, apprentices, end users, designers and casters – anyone seeking to improve their knowledge and understanding of the die casting process.

This programme of courses includes information on the fundamentals of the HPDC process, as well as more in-depth and detailed topics including die and process design, die casting defects and how to avoid them, setting process parameters for optimum quality and die layout, and much more.  Includes aspects relevant to those using gravity and low pressure diecasting processes.

Developed by industry experts, the programme includes access to on-line teaching and as well as tutor support, with mentoring and workshops, all aimed at supporting the learner and enhancing the learning experience.

The programme can help your business to fill gaps in staffing needs by providing the skills and knowledge needed by new recruits, reducing shortages you may have in technical areas and reducing the workload on technical staff.

Die casting companies and their staff can ensure that all their technical staff receive appropriate, structured training on the technology of the process.  They will have a greater understanding of the process and how to optimise casting quality.  As they progress through the programme, they will know how to make accurate measurements of process parameters in the plant and how to perform any relevant calculations.  This enables the root cause of problems to be correctly identified and corrective actions taken based on science, instead of opinion.

Staff in the plant are also better able to communicate, because they possess a common understanding of the process and the consequences of getting it wrong.  It takes time to achieve all this, but smart companies are already seeing the benefits of investing in their people.

Each course includes a range of teaching resources including:

  • Detailed explanations
  • Diagrams & drawings
  • Tables & reference data
  • Equations & formulas
  • Photographs & videos

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