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The Cast Metals Federation works to foster development, collaboration and innovation
in the UK Casting Industry to promote good practice and
represent the Best of British casting across the globe.

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We depend upon castings for all aspects of modern life. Without castings there would be no cars, no aeroplanes, no wind energy turbines, or trains.  Pumps and valves are castings as well as many household items, not to mention castings in the world of art.  Casting is here to stay.


CMF represents Members’ interests at local, regional, national and international levels, promoting the UK foundry and casting industry, influencing discussions with government bodies and negotiating on the legislation that affects the industry, providing a range of tangible benefits to members.  Together we are stronger.

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The Cast Metals Federation works with a number of organisations to support the UK Castings Industry. We also have a number of partner organisations who we have selected to offer services to our Members because of their particular expertise and experience.


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