06 Jul CMF – LG Energy Discounted Green Electricity and Net Zero Carbon

As the CMF’s energy partner, LGE are always looking at ways to improve energy efficiency and optimise prices for CMF members.

10% Cheaper Than Your Contract Renewal

To this end, LGE have developed a Peer-to-Peer energy purchasing approach that matches energy consumers with small scale renewable generators. The energy provided through this scheme is not only green but is also available at a significant discount to conventionally purchased green, or even brown, electricity. For those with energy supply contracts renewing in 2021, LGE will offer to provide a minimum of 10% improvement on any tendered price.

Included Net Zero Carbon Support

As the energy provided via this scheme is pure green (REGO-backed), it can reduce your carbon footprint and support any drive towards Net Zero Carbon.

To further support CMF members in their progress towards Net Zero Carbon, LGE will also provide all companies involved in the Peer-to-Peer scheme with a comprehensive net zero carbon audit and strategy. This will identify energy efficiency projects, ranging from no cost/low-cost improvements with immediate savings to larger scale technology solutions, that can be self-funded or externally funded.

If you have any questions whatsoever about LGE’s Peer-to-Peer energy purchasing, you can call or e-mail LGE’s dedicated CMF contacts, Richard White and Diane Sharpe.

Richard White: Mobile: 07887 474 699   E-mail: richard.white@lgegroup.com

Diane Sharpe: Mobile: 07734 799660  E-mail: diane.sharpe@lgegroup.com

Angela Mason
Angela Mason