02 Mar On-line Training for Die-casting

A suite of on-line training courses in die-casting technology is now available from the Cast Metals Federation, CMF, and supported by the Diecasting Society and the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers.

The new programme, which has been complied by industry experts and offered on a blended learning basis, will provide participants with a range of courses covering the fundamentals of the process as well as more in depth and detailed topics such as die and process design, die casting defects and how to avoid them, setting process parameters for optimum quality and die layout.

“The flexibility of this programme will be attractive to companies and individuals since the subjects can be accessed at any time,” explained Pam Murrell, CMF CEO.  “This is not a new programme, as the compilers of the teaching and learning materials, the Die Cast Training Network, set up the programme some time ago.  But what we are now able to offer to the sector is the support of the Federation, with group workshops to bring the programme to life, as well as access to a tutor who has with relevant experience from the industry, with mentoring and encouragement, all aimed at supporting the learner.  Learning in isolation is not easy, so we recognise that these additional support mechanisms will be very important to ensure that learners are able to stay engaged.”

The programme includes courses that will be suitable for production engineers, technicians and designers as well as machine operators and whilst the focus is around high pressure diecasting, there are courses that will be equally relevant to gravity and low pressure companies.

CMF Chairman, Stuart Gregory, agreed saying, “I am sure that this programme will prove popular.  We have all got much more used to working ‘on-line’ in the recent months so the timing is good.  We are only too aware of the shortage of diecasting specific training opportunities for those joining the industry as well as those seeking to upskill and progress their careers.  To remain competitive, we need to be able to teach the future generations to problem solve and for this they need underpinning knowledge of the process in addition to instruction about how to use their particular machines.  We look forward to supporting the Federation and the wider diecasting sector with this new programme.”

For more information about the programme, please contact the Cast Metals Federation on tel: +44 (0)121 809 3500, email: admin@cmfed.co.uk

Angela Mason
Angela Mason