23 Sep Ballantine Castings Joins Federation

The Cast Metals Federation, CMF, is pleased to announce that Ballantine Castings Ltd is the latest foundry to join the Federation.

Ballantine Castings, based in Bo’nes, is an iron foundry producing high quality, high integrity grey iron, ductile iron, aluminium and wear resistant castings to the architectural, engineering and construction sectors. In recent years that company has been involved in some very prestigious architectural and restoration projects both in the UK and further afield, such as Westminster Bridge in London, the Albert Bridge Restoration in Glasgow, railings for Waverley Shopping and numerous, columns, gates and lighting standards.

One such exciting project was to supply cast iron columns for St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. The company was awarded the contract for the supply of 210 bespoke, structural, cast iron columns, each weighing half a tonne and with three different variations on the design (requiring thirteen separate patterns, made in house, in our traditional pattern shop).

As Company Director and owner, Gavin Ballantine explained, “The key consideration with these columns was the compression and lateral loading criteria; cast iron has excellent compression strength but does not react well to lateral loading due to its flake metallurgy. Ductile iron, although far stronger than cast iron, would have deflected due to the inherent vertical compression forces in the structure. We were able to successfully design a column, with a 150mm diameter steel tube cast integrally into the structure. This meant that the columns were not only architecturally beautiful but also structurally sound.

“Indeed”, he added, “we believe our catalogue of architectural castings and street furniture, with around 250,000 patterns at our disposal, gives all our clients access to the single largest collection of architectural castings in the UK, if not the world”.

Pam Murrell, CMF Chief Executive said, “We are always delighted to welcome new foundries into membership of the Federation as together we have a much stronger voice and can represent and support the UK industry more effectively. This company is involved in some great projects that can help to showcase ferrous castings. I hope that Gavin and his team find membership useful and informative also.”

Angela Mason
Angela Mason