10 Jul Valan Wax Products Ltd joins the Cast Metals Federation

Valan Wax Products Ltd, part of the Paramelt Group, which supplies investment casting waxes to the sector, is the latest company to join the Cast Metals Federation.

Newly established and centrally located site in Redditch, south of Birmingham, the company has two major activities; firstly, it is Paramelt’s centre for local wax recycling services to the UK investment casting industry and secondly, supplies runner systems and extruded parts in wax Europe-wide.

As Neill Dutton explains, “We reclaim used wax into high quality runner and reconstituted waxes and produce virgin technical waxes as well as supplying material in liquid bulk, pastilles and billets. Plus, our ‘ready to use’ runner way systems can offer significant gains in cost, quality and consistency. We are looking forward to being able to work with the CMF members in this growing market.”

In welcoming the company into membership, Pam Murrell, CMF CEO said, ‘The UK investment casting sector is a significant part of the European industry, and is seeing continued growth and technical development, so we are delighted to welcome another supplier to the industry into membership.”

Angela Mason
Angela Mason