18 Jan The Cast Metals Federation Welcomes EDC Protection into Membership

The Cast Metals Federation is pleased to welcome EDC Protection into membership. The France-based company is a leader in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) specialising in protecting workers exposed to extreme heat.

The company is a manufacturer and supplier of aluminized clothing used in a range of industries to protect workers against flames, intense heat and splashes of molten materials up to 2.000°C.

The company was founded in 1935 in the heart of a steel area. In 1989, it specialized in the design and manufacturing of PPE. By joining the Group DMD France in 2001, EDC Protection acquired new capacities of investment, research, production and logistics. Synergies between the companies of the group provide the largest offer in the field of professionals and protection clothing.

Export Sales Manager, Lloyd Jones said, “We are delighted that by joining the CMF we will be able to offer our expertise and solutions directly to the Federation’s foundry members. The CMF is already very proactive in the area of H&S, through the regular sector meetings and the very successful SHIFT initiative, and we are looking forward to engaging closely to ensure that we continue to optimise our offer so that it remains appropriate to the specific needs of the industry.”

Angela Mason
Angela Mason