05 Jun New members for CMF

CMF is pleased to announce that two new Supplier Members have joined the Federation.

BMI Foundry Services are suppliers of primary metals, ferro alloys, inoculants, alloy scraps, alloy blends and specification ingot to casting industry.  Established in 1983, and based in the West Midlands, BMI have a wealth of experience in providing both specialist consultancy services and the raw materials necessary to produce complex formulations required by metallurgical industries. 2018 sees the company celebrate 35 years in business.


Altair, with UK offices in Leamington Spa, Manchester and Bristol, is a leading developer of engineering and manufacturing simulation solutions that enable companies to lower the cost of the entire product development process. Altair’s manufacturing solutions includes the revolutionary Altair Inspire Cast (formally known as Click2Cast), a fast, accurate and affordable casting simulation environment that allows metal casters to rapidly visualise typical casting defects such as air entrapment, shrinkage porosity, cold shuts and mold degradation; and quickly rectify them before physical tools exist, to avoid costly downstream corrections.



Angela Mason
Angela Mason