04 Oct Precision Manufacturer Paralloy Ltd Joins the Federation

Paralloy Ltd with its two divisions, Paralloy and Firth Vickers, are the latest foundry group to join the Cast Metals Federation.

The company has its origins in the UK’s steel industry, and Paralloy & Firth Vickers (comprising FVC & FVE) manufacture centrifugally cast, as well as static cast, products and solutions in a wide range of alloys, including high nickel alloys, for the petrochemical, industrial gas turbine and aerospace sectors.

Robert McGowan, CEO for the group company Paralloy Ltd explains, “Our group supplies the highly engineered components for sectors where exceptional quality and reliability are demanded, and we take pride in serving some of the world’s most challenging industries from power generation and transportation to manufacturing and critical chemical industries. We are pleased to be part of the Federation at a time when there is a growing recognition of the importance of manufacturing to the UK economy and look forward to playing an active role though our membership.”

Cast Metals Federation CEO, Pam Murrell FICME, agreed, saying, “It is really important that we work together as a sector in the UK – there are some clear challenges for UK manufacturing, but also some great opportunities as we look to re-power the UK economy. Our sector has a role to play in providing the engineering solutions for the UK and also contributing to net zero, to the circular economy for metals and to levelling up. It is fantastic to have companies like Paralloy Ltd joining with us at this time”.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason