26 Apr Die Casting Technician Shortages – how new training programme offers help!

The long-term global demand for die cast parts, of all types and sizes, continues on an upward trend with more and more parts being re-designed for diecasting. The much talked about ‘circular’ economy and the move away from plastics to more recyclable, natural materials such as die cast alloys is also driving that demand.

This creates a problem (albeit a good problem!) for a die casting plants who find themselves now needing to recruit a new generation of technicians to increase and upskill their current workforce.

A growing list of companies have found a new way to solve these problem. They are hiring suitable new people, many of them young and enthusiastic but with no foundry experience as they have worked in completely different industries, then enrolling them in a new online training program in Die Casting Technology.

The programme enables new recruits to quickly learn all the important technical aspects of the process without excessive pressure being put on existing staff. Combining this structured learning with the practical skills and experience they learn in the plant, enables them to become highly productive in a much shorter period of time. The course has several modules available making it suitable for machine operators and technicians, as well as tool designers and quality engineers. It will supplement and add to those with existing professional qualifications, in addition to being a valuable support for many new apprenticeship roles.

Right First Time Success

By quickly increasing the knowledge of new staff and enabling them to participate fully in their new roles, not only encourages them but also enables the company to benefit from new and valuable input throughout the production process. By being Right First Time and quicker to market, from initial design through to volume and series production, can save significant time and money for the company.

Completing this specialised course in die casting ensures that there are no gaps in their technical knowledge of employees and can help to avoid bad habits being learned, greatly improving their performance, and reducing the incidence of costly ‘out of spec’ castings being produced.

The Cast Metals Federation is supporting this online course in the UK with local experts who can provide workshops, mentoring and additional training as required.

Contact CMF to find out more: email:admin@cmfed.co.uk or Tel: 0121 809 3500

Angela Mason
Angela Mason