28 Jan New Supplier for Investment Casting Consumables Joins the Cast Metals Federation

Investment Casting Supplies is a UK-based supplier of products, consumables, industrial equipment and outsourced special processes for investment casting and has joined the Cast Metals Federation as a Supplier Member.

Robert Park, the company MD, says “We are looking forward to supporting the CMF and their members from the sector with our various services, such as core leaching, CT scanning and wax reclamation, alongside our range of products including pouring cups, 3D printed filters and wax patterns & runners as well as equipment for the production of ceramic cores or wax patterns.

“The past few months have been very challenging for the sector and it is more important than ever for the industry to work together so being part of the trade association is very valuable.”

CMF CEO Dr Pam Murrell FICME agreed, saying “this is a time of significant change for the sector due to the pandemic and also the wider drive to net zero, with the inevitable effects that this will have on the manufacturing sector. It is important that we collaborate to share information and expertise and as the Trade Association for the UK industry we recognise the important role we play in supporting and representing the sector.”

Angela Mason
Angela Mason