27 Jul Lewis Castings Ltd Joins the Cast Metals Federation

Lewis Castings Ltd has been set up by LEWIS Access, Towers & Sanders Ltd, a UK manufacturer of access towers, to provide the aluminium die castings required for the LEWIS range of towers.

Lauren Guirard, manager says, “We pride ourselves on our ability to provide solutions combined with excellent customer service and of course, as our products are safety critical, we always ensure that they are fully compliant and meet the demands of current legislations. The equipment we manufacture is closely monitored and checked throughout all stages of production. Nothing leaves the premises without passing through the stringent checks in the Quality Control and Inspection Departments, giving end users confidence in their choice of product. But we recognise that our knowledge of casting and the issues associated with working safely with hot metal is not where we want it to be, so we are keen to ensure that we are able to take full advantage of the networking and support that is available by joining the Cast Metals Federation.”

Pam Murrell, CEO of the Cast Metals Federation agreed saying, “We work hard to provide relevant information and support to members, particularly in the area of H&S; we are unusual as a smaller Trade Association in having a dedicated H&S Officer in Richard Heath. We also work closely with the HSE as the administrators of the SHIFT Initiative for the UK industry which is being successful in reducing accident rates as well as helping to ensure safe working environments in foundries. The industry specific ‘Safe Working with COVID-19’ Guidance that we prepared recently was particularly well received. So I am sure that Lauren and her team will find membership, and the opportunities we enable to engage with others in the industry, beneficial.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason