03 Jun New Standard: BS EN 1676 : 2020

BS EN 1676:2020: Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys – alloyed ingots for remelting – Specifications.  
This European standard defines requirements for grades of alloyed aluminium ingots intended for remelting, and specifies the classifications and designations that apply to these grades, the conditions in which they are produced, their properties and the marks by which they are identified.
Most aluminium in the UK is recycled, making it important that there’s a specification providing these guidelines.

In addition:
• The standard is designed to provide end-users with confidence in products
• It helps aid the creation of better products
• It levels the playing field between castors, producers and designers.

CMF is a BSI Distributor so CMF Members can order a copy of this new standard at a small discount (hard copy version only).

Pam Murrell
Pam Murrell