26 Jun CMF: Waste Foundry Sand and IC Shell Project

Disposal of waste foundry sand, the dust from extraction units or used investment casting shell is a problem (and an expense) for most sand and investment casting foundries.

Following a very successful webinar, with many of our members engaged, work is now starting in earnest with the project team from the University of Birmingham who have secured some funding to explore the potential to re-use the different foundry wastes in alternative applications.

The project team are now actively engaging with a small number of eligible foundries (focused around the West Midlands, although the anticipation is that the findings from this work will have some wider applicability to foundries around the UK).

There are two sources of funding available (ARLI and AMCASH) that will be used to support this work.

Project Overview

1. Identify eligible SMEs
2. Register SMEs for AMCASH-ARLI fully-funded support
3. AMCASH-ARLI Sample Testing and Analysis for SMEs
4. Summary Report – Results / Conclusions
5. Feedback to CMF/Members
6. Case Studies development
7. Dissemination of the study
8. Develop further funded research – Innovate UK


Angela Mason
Angela Mason