26 May CMF – Publication of revised Monitoring RPS on GOV.UK

Information provided by the Environment Agency – 26 May 2020

Update on the Regulatory Position Statement (RPS C7) ‘Monitoring emissions from installations, radioactive substances and waste sites’ which was published on GOV.UK on 16th April and allowed rescheduling of monitoring required under permits where delays were due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions.

We have now published a revised version of this RPS now titled ‘Monitoring emissions from some environmental permitting activities’.


Changes introduced by this amendment are:

  • The expiry period has been extended from 30th June to 30th
  • Certain sections now also apply to standalone water discharge and groundwater activity permits. This extended scope is the reason for the change in title.
  • Minor revisions of text have been made to aid interpretation. These do not alter the original intent of the RPS.

No changes are required to any previous agreement to use this Covid-19 RPS unless there has been a change in circumstances.

The extension to the expiry period takes account of potential backlogs in emissions testing as things start to return to normal. The RPS still requires operators to reschedule monitoring as soon as possible and therefore any request for an extension beyond the original 30th June date must be fully justified.

This COVID-19 RPS will be withdrawn on 30th September 2020 unless we extend it. After this date operators must comply with their permit.

Regulatory Position Statements include strict conditions which must be followed to continue protecting people and the environment during this period. We expect all operators to abide by the law and the terms of their environmental permits, unless covered by this or another RPS.

Operators are still required to get written agreement from the Environment Agency before using this COVID-19 RPS. For further information or to get our written agreement to use this COVID-19 RPS, operators should contact their Environment Agency regulatory officer or site inspector.

You can find out more information about the Environment Agency’s operational response to COVID19 here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/environment-agency-operational-update-15-may-2020


Angela Mason
Angela Mason