24 Mar Preparing for the future: the revamped Sarginsons Technology Centre

By Mark Nunan, Chairman at Sarginsons

Deep in the heart of Coventry, our team has been beavering away for months on a major new project that will make huge cost savings for OEMs and contribute towards the UK becoming a centre of excellence for aluminium casting.

Last year, our 84-year-old foundry drastically expanded its remit and opened the doors of the Sarginsons Technology Centre. This – a centre of excellence – is a technical weapon designed to empower OEMs by giving them access to the very latest casting technology, alloy developments and design viability. It puts the focus on broader, more detailed simulations producing better, more comprehensive data, empowering OEM engineers to make more informed decisions. And it is about to get even better…

Why did we found the STC?

We created the STC because Sarginsons believes that huge cost savings, shortened product timelines and superior product performance can be had, by enabling OEM engineers access to the realities of aluminium casting; rather than relying on homogenous data, imperfect assumptions and incomplete knowledge.

Exciting future developments at STC

We launched with our product design service, Magmaflow simulations, metallurgy, tool and fixture development offering – all of which marked a major transformation of the way castings are developed. But bigger things are coming.

The next 12 months will see the STC receive a second 8 core Magmaflow seat, an 8 core Magmastress stress seat and a new real time CMM machine. This will enable STC to provide stress data for tool fill, heat treatment, component handling and CNC machining which will make finite element analysis truly effective.

Also planned this year is a new low pressure casting machine, a new sand foundry, new X-ray and new robotic fettling. The overall investment will top £2m.

All of these developments will drastically cut costs for OEMs by completely compressing the product development process and providing true design for manufacturing support.

Preparing for the future

And being lean and quick on our feet has never been more important. We understand that the industry, as many others, is now facing an unprecedented challenge. But we also know we need to continue to plan for the future, we cannot rest on our laurels and we must shore up investment flow into the UK for many years to come.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason