20 Nov Global Supplier joins Cast Metals Federation

Synchro ERP Ltd is the latest supplier to join the Cast Metals Federation.  The business was established in 1974 is a leading global provider of Specific Production Control ERP / MRP software systems that are specific to the cast metal industry and which are suitable for all types of foundries whether investment, sand or diecasters.

Company Founder and Director Christopher Collins said, “We recognise the value of trade associations and their role in supporting industry, providing networking opportunities and sharing best practice so we are delighted to be joining the Cast Metals Federation.  This is a time of change for the industry, but also opportunity, and we are looking forward to getting involved with events such as CASTcon next year and meeting with many of the other members through our engagement with the Federation.”

Pam Murrell agreed, saying “The industry is increasingly reliant upon good data, effective planning and automation of systems in order to remain competitive so having the team from Synchro ERP engaged with us, with their global reach, will provide valuable and up to date information about system developments for our members at a time of rapid change.”

Abigail Southall
Abigail Southall