15 Oct Leading the way with ‘team approach’ training for the UK Castings Industry

CMF is pleased to announce the dates for the next 2 courses, available to book as part of the suite of leadership & management programmes for Members.

Effective Team Leader – 14th November & 6th December 2019 

Basic Supervisor’s Course – 12th November 2019

Grant support towards the costs of attendance including course fees and any travel costs are available from the Tor Lodge & Applecross Trust.

For full details and booking information,  please contact Angela Mason: angelamason@cmfed.co.uk or Tel: 0121 601 6397


Held over two days, the first course in the suite of Leadership & Management Courses for the Castings Industry was well received by delegates.

“Working with your Team” covered a range of topics including self-awareness in a leadership role, organisational behaviour, planning for management & leadership effectiveness, team personalities: traits, types and the challenges, being a good manager through the application of emotional intelligence, and the role of goal-setting for personal change & development priorities.

The feedback from the training was very positive.  Todd Coyne, a Sales Manager from Castings PLC said: “I had never completed any formal management or supervisory training prior to this course.  The reason for attending was to develop my management skills and gain a deeper understanding of how I can become a better manager both for me and for my team members.  I found the course genuinely interesting and the content covered will be extremely useful.  Some of the theory discussed was not something that I would have given much consideration to prior to attending the course.”  He added “the trainer was fantastic and this was partly why I enjoyed [the course] so much.  How the content was delivered and the trainer’s ability to get the whole group engaged in tasks and discussions was fantastic.”

We asked Todd how he felt the course would help him at work and help the overall business, and he said “It has made me aware of my own behaviour and how this affects others around me.  The course has made made me assess my current behaviours & habits (they are not always good ones) and how this can affect me, others around me and the company – something I had not done before.  After seeing where my strengths and weaknesses lie, I have a clear picture of what I need to do, not only to improve myself but also the team and colleagues around me.  This can only be a positive for the company you work for.  What I have discovered and learnt over these two days will definitely play a key role in my personal development as a manager.  When reflecting on the two days, I have also come to realise that as I progress though my career as manager, there will always be areas where I can improve personally to further benefit the team and business.”

Would he attend future courses?  “100% yes – and I have no hesitation in recommending the courses to others!  The course will be so beneficial to anyone who would like to manage or just become a better manager – at any level.”


Angela Mason
Angela Mason