23 Aug Kyanite Mining joins UK Casting Industry Trade Organisation

The Cast Metals Federation has welcomed Kyanite Mining Corporation into Membership. Kyanite is the world’s largest producer of the industrial minerals kyanite and mullite, products that are used in refractories industry, ceramics, investment casting, kiln furniture, foundries and many other high-temperature applications around the world.

Lakshmi Bertram, European Sales for Kyanite said: “I am excited about membership. CASTcon 2018, which CMF organised, was my first affiliated conference in Investment Casting. It was a fabulous event and I came away impressed by the attitude of innovation and collaboration displayed by attendees. The UK refractory market, closely linked to steel production, has sadly been in decline, but the Investment Casting sector appears to be going strong. It’s a wonderful industry – the inherent processes are fascinating and the conferences are full of knowledgeable, interesting, and innovative people. I know how important a sector organization is in supporting and growing an industry. From everything I’ve seen, CMF is doing a wonderful job.”

In welcoming the company into membership, Pam Murrell, CMF CEO said, “I am looking forward to working with Lakshmi in the future – the investment casting sector is very significant in the UK so having strong links with the supply chain is important to us. We have a number of activities planned and I am sure that Lakshmi will benefit from the closer engagement that membership will bring.”

Angela Mason
Angela Mason