13 Nov Future Proofing for Exporters: UK Metals Council meeting.

The UK Metals Council (UKMC) had a very successful meeting early in November, hosted by TWI at their premises in Cambridge, and representatives from 10 Trade Associations in UK metals sector attended.

The UKMC were pleased to have officials from HMRC attend to outline changes to their customs declaration software due in March 2019, as they move from CHIEF to CDS. Attendees were able to hear about the planned roll-out, as officials explained the steps required for exporters to prepare for the change, and any likely impact on industry.
Officials from BEIS also attended; the International Trade Team were able to hear first-hand from employers in the metals sector to understand their key concerns and to determine the best mechanism to engage with organisations to assist with exports.

As Simon MacVicker, Chair of the UK Metals Sector, and MD of Bridgnorth Aluminium, said, “Through the UK Metals Council, and with our close relationship with the main metals sector Trade Associations and their members, we are uniquely placed to be able to articulate the views of, and communicate with, the many SMEs in the sector. We are presently reviewing our main objectives to ensure that our focus for the coming months reflects industry needs and that we are aligned with the UK Government Industrial Strategy – we recognise that by working together we can tackle the challenges the next couple of years will present.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason