15 Oct Promoting Casting in the UK

The Cast Metals Federation will be at Advanced Engineering at the NEC, near Birmingham, UK between the 31st Oct and the 1st November, to celebrate the Best of British Casting.

“Lots of people don’t realise that we have a vibrant and successful casting industry in the UK”, says Pam Murrell, CEO of the Cast Metals Federation, the Trade Association for the UK Castings Industry, “so it is important that we are there, promoting casting as a route to manufacture, with the advantages that casting can bring in terms of design flexibility, cost saving and near net shape manufacture. Our foundries produce precision engineered components in a range of alloys using liquid metal engineering. Large or small, prototyping, one-offs or series production, complex shapes and fully finished assemblies, we have companies around the UK who are providing engineering solutions to the high value manufacturing supply chain.
Perhaps we need to shout about that a bit more than we have”.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason