14 May New Resources for National Foundry Training Centre, ECMS

Castings Technology International, Cti, has donated a full set of Broadsheets (formerly known as BCIRA Broadsheets) and Technical Data Sheets (many of the latter originally developed by SCRATA) to the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers, ICME, for use in the new National Foundry Training Centre opening soon in the West Midlands.  This is in addition to the full set of SCRATA Surface Comparators that have already been gifted to ICME.  The Surface Comparators enable castings users and producers to specify and assess surface quality and surface texture more accurately and definitively using the tactile comparators, which provide a practical and functional alternative to photographic representation of casting surfaces in Standards.

Will Jeffs, Technology Development Manager at Cti said, “We are very keen to support the development of apprentices and employees for our industry, recognising as we do the need to share our technical know-how with the next generation of foundry technicians and engineers.  I am sure that these documents, which contain a vast information resource, developed by experts from the industry over many decades, will be very valuable teaching and learning tool for the learners and tutors alike.”

Pam Murrell, CEO of the Cast Metals Federation, speaking on behalf of ICME agreed, “The Institute is very grateful to Cti for this generous offer.  The opening of the new training centre is an exciting opportunity for the industry to engage new young people and the support from leading industry organisations, such as Cti has been, and will continue to be, invaluable.  A good technical and practical training for apprentices and other employees alike, to enable a problem solving and creative approach, is vital for the industry as technology advances and customer demands continue to become more stringent. The whole UK industry now has the opportunity to engage with the new centre and lead the development of our future industry employees and we look forward, collectively, to a positive future for the training centre and the wider industry.”

Angela Mason
Angela Mason