29 Oct Government White papers on Trade and Customs

Commenting on the publication of the Government’s White Paper on trade, Pam Murrell, CEO of the Cast Metals Federation said:

“The castings industry is fundamental to all of the manufacturing sectors and the industry in the UK has developed into a supplier of high value engineered components, many of which are exported, the EU being one of the main destinations.  The sector also relies upon strong aerospace and automotive industries as well as requiring raw materials in the shape of aluminium ingot and scrap steel (to name just two commodities), so continued free trade within the EU and beyond is of paramount importance to the future health of the sector as part of manufacturing in the UK. Clearly for free trade to flourish and indeed grow, it is essential that governments have the tools to shield domestic producers from unfair trading practises caused by the dumping of under-priced products onto our markets.

We welcome the fact that the UK Government is moving ahead with the development of a robust and modern trade remedies regime in advance of our departure from the EU to ensure the requisite measures are in place to guarantee  a smooth transition.

We look forward to working closely with the government and other partners within the metals sector to ensure the UK has a process in place that delivers for the UK economy”

A copy of the Trade Paper can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/preparing-for-our-future-uk-trade-policy

Angela Mason
Angela Mason