12 Jul Significant investment continues for JH Lavender

This investment is another vital addition to the finishing department offering JHL an enhanced ability to adapt to increasing customer volume requirements.

2 new 45 tonne Diesse presses have been installed to increase our existing clipping capacity and flexibility. Equipped with full led touch screen settings, we now have the ability to fully automate our clip processes i.e. full robotic loading and offloading.

JH Lavender & Co Ltd. (JHL) in the West Midlands have recently committed to a £2-million-pound investment programme in order drive their business operations forward . This strategy has been adopted to ensure the Company’s future as one of the largest and most successful UK based aluminium foundries.

JHL was originally founded in 1917 by John Herbert Lavender and has the accolade of probably being the oldest privately owned aluminium foundry in the UK today.

To meet the demands of new products, mass production and increased quality control, JHL have consistently invested in the latest technology in order to ensure the company retains its position as a leader in its field. This positive approach has kept JHL at the forefront of the UK manufacturing industry in terms of both process capability and cost competitiveness.

Installations include new fully automated Colosio high pressure die cast machines, Mazak & Fanuc CNC machining centres and 2 new factory extensions. Our modern facilities now boast “state of the art” machines manufactured by International Brand leaders who are renowned for their superior engineering quality and reliability. The result is a truly modern site housing tool design & manufacture, pressure & gravity die casting and product finishing & machining all under one roof.

Subsequently, JHL are now able to offer buyers an extensive range of casting and finishing options when it comes to sourcing considerations. What has driven these changes and continues to do so is our consistent and relentless commitment to ongoing improvements and cost effectiveness. An appreciation of Industry wide pricing sensitivity has also become a key component in supporting our customer’s ever changing needs and assisting in our joint business growth.

To complement this investment, JHL has achieved all of the relevant quality accreditations to support its wide range of prestige customer requirements i.e. ISO 9000, ISO 14001 & ISO TS 16949:2009. The privately owned company continues to receive commendation for quality from numerous industry leaders in the Automotive, Gas, Healthcare, Medical & White Goods sectors. At the beginning of the 21st century JHL is still located at the heart of the industrial Midlands and will be successfully celebrating its Centenary in 2017. The company’s strength has always been in its attention to detail, commitment to the continuity of excellence and serving customers with a responsiveness that exceeds their expectations.


Taken from JH Lavender & Co Ltd website

Angela Mason
Angela Mason