02 Feb CMF Invests to Inform Members on Technical Standards

CMF has recently engaged a new specialist to keep Members informed on new technical standards that are being developed or that are newly published.
JS (Steve) Wood CEng MIMMM, MICME has been in the casting industry since leaving school initially as a laboratory technician at the British Steel Castings Research and Trade Association (later to become SCRATA and now CTI) and completed an Honours Degree in Metallurgy whilst at the Osborn Hadfield Steel Foundry initially as Quality Control Metallurgist and then as Chief Metallurgist and more latterly has qualified as a European / International Welding Technologist.
During the recession of the 1980s the Hadfield Steel Foundry contracted from 800 employees to 40 and became OH Hi-tec Integrity Castings before being bought by the William Cook Group and was, with considerable investment, relocated to the David Brown Foundry site at Penistone, growing to become a major player in the supply of large (15 to 30 tonnes piece weight) castings to the Power Generation industry. Steve’s role was Technical Manager, Quality Manager and then Technical Director.
His particular expertise is with the metallurgy, steelmaking, heat treatment and welding aspects of the manufacture of all types of steel castings.
Pam Murrell, CEO of the Cast Metals Federation says, ‘as the Trade Association for the UK castings industry, we have a role to play in ensuring that our members are kept up to date with developments in technical standards from ISO, EN or BSi, to ensure that those new or revised standards that are published meet our needs and enable the UK industry to compete globally. If we are not involved as an industry then we risk being presented with standards developed elsewhere in the world that do not meet our needs and expectations, for instance with the different alloy grades or requiring certain specifications of equipment not available in the UK. With Steve’s input and expertise, we can raise the level and frequency of information we circulate to Members and work to increase engagement by the UK Foundry Industry’.
For more information, or if you are interested in being involved in the development work of the British Standards Organisation then please contact Pam Murrell, Cast Metals Federation, +44 (0)121 601 6397.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason