Cerdic Foundries Limited

The company supplies castings in grey, SG (nodular or ductile iron), CG (compacted graphite cast iron) and alloy cast irons up to 2300kg in weight.

The company is approved to ISO 9002 and Lloyds Register for these grades.

Steel Copper and aluminium based alloys are also supplied up to 300kg

The company offers fully machined parts from its own in house machine shop and can offer a range of paint finishes and heat treatment again from in house facilities.

Tooling can also be manufactured in house using traditional or CAD / CNC facilities. Specialties include wear and corrosion resistant alloys. Manufacturing of moulds is by chemically bonded sands and lost foam methods.

Cerdic Foundries Limited

Cerdic Foundries Limited
Beeching Close
TA20 1BB

Tel: 01460 64301
Fax: 01460 63961
Email: david@cerdicfoundries.co.uk
Website: www.cerdicfoundries.co.uk

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