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Basic Supervisors Course

For supervisors.

One day course

This one- day course is designed to provide a foundation on which a successful supervisory career can be built.


Those moving into a supervisory role for the first time, or those new to supervision.


An understanding the basics of the supervisor’s role in the workplace designed to help the supervisor understand that they are both mentor and coach, manager and leader, counsellor and disciplinarian.

The course will provide the basic theory which drives the supervisor’s role, the understanding that the individual is capable of performing at the highest level and the empowerment to implement through practical session during the course as well as a consideration of diversity in the 21st century workplace.

The attendee will leave the course not only with knowledge of their role but also with worksheets and templates to help them function well in the role. Below is the outline of the standard course.

Module 1 – Basics of Supervision

  • Introduction to the role of Supervisor
  • Fundamentals of Supervision
  • Leadership Basics

Module 2 – What makes a good supervisor: the key skills

  • Qualities of a good supervisor
  • Everyday functions of a good supervisor

Module 3 – Communication

  • Understanding the difference between Listening and Hearing (Practical exercise)
  • Communicating up, down and into the market
  • Communication for recruiting and interviewing
  • Communication for assessments and disciplinary hearings

Module 4 – Employee Performance

  • Motivating staff and understanding relationships, performance management, KPI’s and providing supervision for results (Practical Exercise related to KPI’s)
  • Bullying in the work place
  • Anger management

Module 5 – Basics of Management

  • Managing groups and teams
  • Planning and taking action for results (Practical Exercise)
  • Basic financial skills

Module 6 – Basic Management

  • Problem solving and decision making (Practical Exercise)
  • Delegation skills

Module 7 – The 21st Century Workplace

  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Setting a foundation for the future
  • Your responsibilities

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