— Sustainability Policy —

CMF – Statement on Sustainability, Net Zero and Circular Economy

Metals are an important part of the circular economy for any advanced nation, as they are well suited for reuse and remanufacturing.  Metals are almost infinitely recyclable and can be classed as permanent materials – metals recycle forever.

Foundries have a vital role in the circular economy as we take the scrap metal from products and components at the end of life, and use this as the raw material for our manufacturing process.  For instance, the feedstock we use for highly engineered ferrous parts includes old brake discs and used rails, and re-processed drinks cans are used to make new near-net-shape light weight components for a wide range of applications in aluminium alloys.  The CMF supports its members in taking a complete lifecycle approach to sustainability, looking at everything from refining to production to use in all aspects of the casting and foundry manufacturing process. This includes elements such as energy management, responsible sourcing and the use of suppliers with ethical and sustainability credentials.

We also recognise that the castings sector is a strategic part of the supply chain for UK infrastructure projects and for all the high value manufacturing sectors, including renewable energy, electric vehicles and rail transport.

The Cast Metals Federation is actively involved with government and industry to promote our sector, and the use of metals as a solution to greater energy efficiency and reduced waste.  We recognise that our sector will require support and a road map in order to maximise energy efficiencies and enable the transition towards sustainable and net zero metal casting in the UK, whilst maintaining competitiveness.

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