We provide 3D printed sand moulds and investment patterns to the foundry sector.

Investment Casting Patterns:

We print patterns for a normal burn-out process to replace the wax or polystyrene materials currently used. We don’t need any tooling so short runs are cheaper with our technology and we can get the patterns to you in 3 days. We can print the runner system as well which reduces labour time significantly. Our printer have a build size of 1000mm x 600mm x 500mm meaning we can handle nearly all investment cast parts and it is cost effective to print hundreds.

Sand Moulds:

We have a range of standard foundry sands and can use Furan or Phenol binder depending on your preference. Our sand printers are massive, the largest is 4m x 2 x 1m (8 cubic metres) – we can print large moulds or thousands of smaller ones at the same time. No tooling is required and lead times are days not weeks. Customers are printing up to 4000 moulds cost effectively with us.




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