Maxima Engineering Ltd (MAGMASOFT®)

Maxima Engineering Ltd are the UK and Republic of Ireland agents for MAGMA and MAGMASOFT® casting simulation software. As well as providing sales, technical and application support and comprehensive MAGMASOFT® training through a network of regional offices, Maxima offers a dedicated consultancy service for casting manufacturers and designers. This service covers all aspects of casting design, pattern and tooling design, and full methoding expertise for all casting processes and alloys.

Cast Iron / Grey / SG / CGI / ADI

High and Low alloyed Steels

Non Ferrous / Aluminium / Copper-based / Magnesium / Zinc

High Pressure / Low Pressure / Gravity Die Casting

Core & Mould Shooting / Gassing / Curing

Stress and Heat Treatment

Residual stress and mechanical property mapping to FEA

Casting Design for Manufacture – Optimisation and Process Robustness

Maxima Engineering Ltd (MAGMASOFT®)

Maxima Engineering Ltd (MAGMASOFT®)
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