LG Energy Group

LGE is a specialist in energy procurement with its experienced traders and analysts and leading market intelligence. Using an array of recognised Risk Management techniques alongside the development of in-house Risk Management products and trading strategies, LGE work with clients to advise them on the best method to enact these products to their full potential:

  • Energy Surveying
  • Energy Auditing 
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment Management Programme
  • Carbon Reduction Programmes 
  • Climate Change Agreement Services
  • Demand Side Management Projects
  • Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme Management Programmes
  • Mandatory Emissions Reporting
  • Carbon Disclosure Projects 

Primary contact for CMF Members: Richard White, tel:+44 (0)1253 767222, Email: Richard.White@lgegroup.com

LG Energy Group

LG Energy Group
LGE House, Units 5-6
Croft Court
Whitehills Business Park,

Tel: +44 (0)1253 767222
Email: info@lge-group.com
Website: http://www.lgegroup.com/

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