James Durrans & Sons

Durrans Group is a leading supplier of carbonaceous materials. The company, which is a family-owned business dating back to 1863, now supplies a wide range to products to industry including refractory coatings, recarburisers, milled coal dust and anthracite, metallurgical and petroleum cokes, friction and lubricants products, as well as natural and specialist synthetic graphitic products.

The castings and foundry industry are just one of several high temperature sectors that the company supplies, from steel manufacturing to power generation, from its nine manufacturing sites spread across the world, four of which are in the UK, supported by a global network of distributors, partners and agents.

The Group is one of the world’s leading producers of carbonaceous materials.

James Durrans & Sons

James Durrans & Sons
James Durrans & Sons Ltd
Pheonix works
S36 9QU

Tel: 01226 370000
Email: Sales@durrans.co.uk
Website: www.durransgroup.com

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