EDC Protection

EDC Protection is a leader in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protecting workers exposed to extreme heat.

Based in France, the company was founded in 1935 in the heart of a steel area.  In 1989, it specialised in the design and manufacturing of PPE.  By joining the Group DMD France in 2001, EDC Protection acquired new capabilities for investment, research, production and logistics.  Synergies between the companies of the group provide the largest offer in the field of professionals and protection clothing.

Aluminized clothing from EDC Protection are used in the steel industry, foundries, glass factories, cement factories, fire services… even by volcanologists.  They protect workers against flames, intense heat and splashes of molten materials up to 2,000°C.

EDC Protection has acquired extensive knowledge of these risks and provides its expertise though on-site audits.

EDC Protection can make a diagnosis and then proposes solutions.  If required, EDC Protection adapts or creates specific products that are the most appropriate to the specific risks of your workstations.

EDC Protection

EDC Protection
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