Digital Manufacturing Technologies Ltd

DMT Specialises in offering, industry standard, on demand, Casting Simulations including stress analysis, methods design and component DFM.

As a fully independent specialist using market leading NovaCast flow and solidification software with Stress element, DMT helps make a highly powerful method to lower your costs and carbon footprint . Increasing energy costs should be driving OEM’s and foundries to be using a digital approach to manufacture from the outset

By identifying opportunities before tooling is manufactured, simulation will reliably predict an outcome and will help you support a right first time philosophy saving cost and time

From simple Solid and liquid predictions to complex Von Mines Stress reporting, NovaCast represents the highest quality, highly flexible, casting simulation software for Sand, Investment, Gravity Die and HPD castings in all materials.

Proven technology, driven by time served foundry personnel, optimises the casting process for significant cost savings in all processes and materials.

Digital Manufacturing Technologies Ltd

Digital Manufacturing Technologies Ltd
9 School Villas
Great Easton
United Kingdom

Tel: 07932 855400

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