04 Oct Call for Papers EICF 2024 – 12 to 15 of May at the Citta della Scienza

EICF 32nd International Conference 2024
Lectures, Exhibition & Industry visit
Città della Scienza, Napoli

Conference Dates : 12 – 15, May 2024
Abstract Deadline : 30 November 2023

Abstracts can be submitted on the following topics :
– The Impact of Sustainability and Circular Economy on all aspects of the Investment Casting.
– Evolution and complexity of component design in the light of Circular Economy
– Energy savings. Reducing carbon foot-print
– Use optimization of raw materials
– Reuse of Materials used by IC and valorization
– Repairability of IC products
– Product Design concurrency for disassembly
– Recycling and regeneration of materials
– Contributing to extended product life
– Eco friendly materials & processes
– Concurrency on Eco Design process with OEMs and product owner
– Optimization of Life Cycle Cost
– Integration on Life Cycle Analysis
– New substitutive materials improving the contribution to sustainability
– Ecodesign implementation case studies as per ISO 14006:2020
– Ecodesign on existing products
– Company education program supporting sustainability implementation
– Legal frame advance and impact
– New competitive models under a Circular Economy scenario
– New manufacturing processes supporting the sustainability implementation
– New management models and governance based on Circular Economy
– Circular Economy accounting practice, new routes to be competitive
– R&D process in a Circular Economy management model

Speaker Deadlines
Abstract Submission Deadline             30 November 2023
Programme Selection                             30 December 2023
Presentation Submission Deadline     28 February 2024
Speaker Registration & Licence to Publish
Agreement Deadline                               30 March 2024

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Abigail Southall
Abigail Southall