05 May ARUN Technology Ltd Joins the Federation

ARUN Technology Ltd, who are suppliers of spectrometers for elemental analysis including a range of handheld LIBS and XRF, and desktop OES spectrometers are the latest supplier to join the Federation.

The company also provides on-site re-calibration testing and re-validating of final factory settings with QC/QA/QP testing and certifications, and the site in Crawley is a centre of excellence for product marketing, applications, technical and service support.

Anna Richardson, Head of UK Operations for ARUN explains why the company has chosen to join the Federation, saying, “We have been successful in supplying innovative products and services to empower our clients to optimise their quality check processes, maintain production safety, improve in-process testing, research analysis and enabling them to get their products to market quicker with assured reliably and have been working with, and supporting, the UK foundry industry for many years.  We are keen to continue our support of the industry and recognise that the CMF has an excellent reputation for supporting its Members as a trusted voice so we are keen to get involved and share our expertise with CMF members.”

“We are delighted to welcome the company into membership”, says Cast Metals Federation CEO, Pam Murrell FICME.  “Our Supplier members have an important role to play in supporting the industry and providing us with insights and information about new developments.  Of course, the more members we have, the better we are able to come together as a sector to highlight the fantastic work that the industry does, and the role we play in the UK metals manufacturing supply chain.”

Abigail Southall
Abigail Southall