09 Nov New Chair for the Cast Metals Federation

Photograph: Adam Vicary (l) incoming CMF Chair & Stuart Gregory (r), outgoing CMF Chair.

At the recent Cast Metals Federation AGM, Adam Vicary was approved as the new Chair of the CMF Council.  Adam is the Chief Executive of Castings plc,  a market leading iron casting and machining group based in the UK, supplying both the domestic and export markets.

In becoming Chair Adam said, “Firstly, may I pass on my thanks to Stuart Gregory, someone who not only has the industry at his heart, but in appreciation for the way he helped continued Member engagement throughout the pandemic, through virtual meetings.

“As an industry we are facing considerable inflationary pressures, with regards to raw materials and also labour, indeed unlike that which we have seen for probably a few decades.  RPI of around 5% was felt briefly around the financial crash but you would have to go back to ‘89/90 for a period in excess of 6% (and of course in the 70’s it was up to 20%).

“The Government pledge to net zero is also likely to be a challenge for the industry although we recognise the value of the sector in both the embedded carbon we represent, from our use of secondary raw materials, but also as a supplier of components to some of the green industries.  Aluminium foundries, for instance, were urged to use gas for melting and indeed equipment supplies centred around this.  Now this is being discouraged, not least with surging gas price increases.

“So, challenging times ahead, but there is no doubt that the CMF will continue to help and represent the industry just as well as it ever has in the past.”

The CMF would like to thank Stuart Gregory, Petrofer UK plc, for his contribution and hard work during his term as Chair of the CMF Council, from 2019 to 2021.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason