25 Nov New Award for Industry – Founders’ Industry Contribution Award (Non-ferrous)

The Founders Industry Committee has recently agreed to support a new award for young people from the non-ferrous castings sector.

Established by the Company, in association with the Cast Metals Federation (the UK industry’s Trade Body) and the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers, the new award is aimed at encouraging a young person in the cast metals industry to increase their knowledge and develop some international experience.   The Founders’ Industry Contribution Award will offer the winner a bursary towards the costs of attendance at one of the prestigious industry conferences in the global calendar and will be offered on a biennial basis.

Tom Westley, Industry Committee Chair says, “Attendance at an international congress/conference is an ideal way of achieving the goals set by the Worshipful Company to provide the recipient the opportunity to gain an improved understanding of the industry and meet with like-minded people from around the world.  Our Award offers an ideal opportunity for a young person from a non-ferrous foundry to be involved in a premium foundry event and gain untold experience and significant acclaim.”

In welcoming the award for the industry Pam Murrell, CEO of the Cast Metals Federation, said “There is already a similar award in existence for someone from the ferrous sector, but this award now offers an equivalent opportunity for the non-ferrous sector.  It therefore harks back to the history of our Livery Company, which is founded in copper-based and other non-ferrous alloys, and of course recognises the growing significance of the light alloy castings industry.  This a great way for the Company to further engage with and support the industry in the UK, and we are very grateful for this generous new award.”

The winner may select to attend the next World Foundry Congress which is taking place in South Korea in October 2022.  This congress will consist of a 2-day technical conference and exhibition followed by works visits and social events.  Alternatively, the winner may choose to attend the International Conference in Investment Casting, organised by the European Investment Casters Federation, which is taking place in Santander, Spain in May 2022.  This conference will also include a 2-day technical conference and exhibition followed by works visits and social events.

The award criteria are as follows:  all applicants must be less than 33 years of age on 31st December 2022 (year of congress) and will have either made a major contribution to the development of their company, or a personal contribution to any practical development for the non-ferrous cast metals industry, or have carried out a practical investigation into a system or systems employed in the production of non-ferrous or light alloy castings. Selection of the winner will be via an interview panel.

Full details and the application form are available from The Cast Metals Federation (admin@cmfed.co.uk, www.castmetalsfederation.com with a closing date for applications of 30th January 2022.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason