02 Oct 74th World Foundry Congress: 16-20 October 2022, Korea.

The 74th World Foundry Congress: CAST THE FUTURE.

16th to 20th Oct 2022.

BEXCO, Busan, Republic of Korea.

The World Foundry Organization and the Korea Foundry Society would like to cordially invite you to the 74th World Foundry Congress, that will take place in Busan, Korea.

The ecosystem of the world foundry industry is rapidly changing, and noticeably the efforts for foundry innovation through smart factory and/or 3D printing technology have been recently activated as well. Development of new casting materials and processes, automation and robots for foundry, socio-ecological demands including energy consumption and environment protection, human right and safety during the foundry process, new business models based on open innovation platform, casting reliability and working performance may be just a few issues for our future foundry society. Considering the importance of the newly arising issues, it is time to gather our wisdom together for the future of the foundry society.


For full details please visit: http://www.74wfc.com/2018/english/main/index_en.asp

Angela Mason
Angela Mason