22 Sep The National Foundry Training Centre now has a Defibrillator – which we hope will never be needed.

The Cast Metals Federation, CMF, are sponsoring an automated external defibrillator (AED) for the National Foundry Training Centre, part of the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills*.

The Zoll AED kit, which is fully automated and comes with step-by-step audio prompts as well as Real CPR Help technology, includes a compression depth indicator that provides real-time visual guidance to help deliver the best possible CPR.

Pam Murrell FICME, CMF CEO, pictured on the right, was able to hand the kit over to Centre Technician, Colin Whorton MICME EngTech, saying, “The National Foundry Training Centre in Tipton is host to any number of apprentices and trainers, as well as our own staff and visitors, so the kit, which will be stored in the first aid room, will be available for anyone who needs it – and of course we hope that it will never be needed.”

Colin agreed saying, “We take the health and wellbeing of all our staff, the tutors and apprentices very seriously, so we are really pleased to have access to this kit on site.  The fact that it is fully automated and will ‘talk’ anyone through the process of delivering CPR is a bonus.  We are grateful to the CMF for organising and sponsoring this for everyone’s benefit”.


* The Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills, ECMS, is funded by The Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership/Midlands Engine and is a collaboration between, University of Wolverhampton, Dudley College, the Cast Metals Federation and the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason