14 Apr New Supplier joins the Cast Metals Federation

Red Wing UK proudly offers a full line of premium, head-to-toe, personal protective equipment (PPE) from Red Wing, a USA-based company founded in 1905 with a long history of innovation to meet the safety needs of the world’s energy workers. Red Wing originally built its global reputation by offering rugged safety footwear purpose-built to perform and protect in the world’s harshest environments. But its offering now extends well beyond EN ISO and ASTM-compliant work boots, including everything from flame-resistant workwear to high-performance safety glasses, work gloves and much more. The company’s vertical integration allows for tight quality control along every step of the supply chain – from materials sourcing and product manufacturing through product testing and fulfillment to our inventory. Oversight of their manufacturer ensures ready availability of the top-quality gear that crews need to stay safe and productive in the workplace and the company also has specific foundry workwear in development.

Europe Sales Manufacturer, John Boyack, says. “We are looking forward to engaging with the UK foundry and castings industry. We have recently launched, following extensive development with a major end user in the industry, our new UltraGuard (style 3241) Safety Boots, we would be pleased to offer any CMF Member company a free sample for trialling (further details will be provided with registration).

“We have proudly protected generations of workers across the globe with a focus on continuous innovation and are confident that our new offering will be an excellent addition to the industry’s safety footwear matrix.”

Europe Sales Manager – John Boyack
Tel: +44 7921 287 699
E: john.boyack@redwingshoes.com

Angela Mason
Angela Mason