03 Feb Digital Sales Course for the Castings Industry

This digital sales programme will equip you with the skills needed to drive more sales and increase your on-target earnings.

You will learn how to make extra sales faster and more effectively using social selling techniques.

This course is a live, interactive, presenter-led online training course, taking place one afternoon a week for six weeks and will include tools such as LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

What will I learn?

We will start from the basics of selling up to some advanced techniques:

  • Introduction to digital selling
  • Advanced consultative selling
  • Using social channels to prospect and generate new leads
  • Communication & engagement
  • Social content
  • Integration & strategy

Designed to help you integrate digital techniques into your sales process to acquire more prospects, reduce lead times, nurture customers and drive revenue.

Increase sales performance by up to 400% by adopting digital and social selling tools.

Please contact the CMF Office for full details and to book your place.  Tel: +44 (0) 121 809 3500 or  mail: angelamason@cmfed.co.uk

Angela Mason
Angela Mason