11 Jul CMF Supports WFO Safe Working Guidance for COVID-19

CMF has supported the development of international guidance to help foundries around the world ensure a safer working environment for their employees.

The health and safety of employees during the global pandemic has become an essential part of the operational plans of foundries and casting facilities.  Foundries, suppliers and other companies from the metalcasting industry, are developing systems to manage the risks posed by Covid 19, following the different directives established in each country.

The document, which was  adapted from that guidance written for our Foundries, and which includes practical input and suggestions from our Members, is now being published by the World Foundry Organization, WFO, and issued to all the national association members.  It includes some practical suggestions and advice with information about specific resources and legislation provided by some of the WFO countries.

Pam Murrell
Pam Murrell