29 Jun Ankiros Show: 10-12 June 2021

As the economy comes out of various forms of lockdown, and with business recovery gaining momentum, the promotion of services and products will be a key element of this recovery.  After a long break in available shows and exhibitions around the world, Ankiros will be one of the first to be there for the castings and foundry industry.

Ankiros has always been a strong show for the industry in Turkey, which is a key market for buyers.

The next show is taking place between the 10th & 12th June in Istanbul:

Support grants up to the value of £2500 are available towards the costs of exhibiting at this premier and important show and FESA will also be hosting a British Pavilion to showcase UK Suppliers and UK Foundries to buyers attending this event.

Any CMF members who are interested in having a presence at the show as part of this British Pavilion can contact CMF in the first instance.



Angela Mason
Angela Mason