29 Jun 61st IFC PORTOROZ 2021: 15-17 September 2021

After the successfully executed jubilee 60th IFC Portoroz 2020, we are looking into September 2021 with high hopes and expectations. We strongly wish that Portoroz warm climate will welcome us again at 61st IFC Portoroz 2021 with accompanying exhibition from 15th to 17th September 2021.

The Conference motto will be: “Innovative solutions for future of the Foundry”.

You can attend the foundry event in this part of Europe as lecturers, exhibitors at the exhibition or only as participants.

All information regarding your registration and participation is available on our web site: www.drustvo-livarjev.si.

Contact e-mail and phone:
drustvo.livarjev@siol.net, +386 1 2522 488

Angela Mason
Angela Mason