29 Apr CMF – On-line Leadership & Management Training – Working with your team: Using emotional intelligence

Working with your Team: Using Emotional Intelligence

Dates and Times:
Part One: Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd June 2020
Part Two – Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th June 2020

Live streaming via Zoom: 9.30am to 12.30pm


Relating to others is vital in today’s workplace. Whether you are the office junior, the chief executive or anything in between, this course will increase your understanding of group behaviour and dynamics, helping you to maximise overall performance and show you the way to greater success.


Management and leadership effectiveness can be improved through a manager or leader recognising their own capabilities and strengths. Psychology can be applied at work to understand and manage individuals, teams and workplace issues. Emotional Intelligence is now recognised as a key factor influencing high performance at work. But what is it, and more importantly how can it be developed?
We cover:
• Self-awareness in a leadership role, and organisational behaviour
• Planning management and leadership effectiveness
• Team personalities: traits, types and the challenges
• Explore and develop your own leadership style
• Self-awareness for leadership and soft skills development
• Being a good manager through the application of emotional intelligence
• The role of goalsetting for personal change & development priorities


• Understanding yourself more effectively; your strengths, drivers and priorities
• Developing a focus on self-awareness and self-management
• Recognising how to identify and develop team dynamics
• Enabling high performance – for you and your team

Details of how to join will be issued to registered delegates.

For further details please contact CMF: Tel: 0121 809 3500 or mail: angelamason@cmfed.co.uk

Significant grant funding is available towards the course costs from the Tor Lodge & Applecross Trust – please contact the office for the application form that applies.

Angela Mason
Angela Mason