08 Apr Letter of Support & Appreciation to UK Manufacturing from UK Government

The Cast Metals Federation is pleased to receive this letter of support and appreciation from The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, addressed to all those in Manufacturing and on behalf of our Members.

Alongside many other Trade Associations, we are only too aware of the efforts our employers are making to keep their employees safe, preserve jobs to protect the economy and, at the same time, support our critical infrastructure supply chains, all whilst under very challenging conditions.  We too recognise the personal challenges that many of our employees in the sector are making to contribute to ‘the resilience of our nation’  and ‘to support the UK at this testing time’.

The fact that this is now being recognised by Government is much appreciated.

Recognition of the vital role that manufacturing is playing at this time is something that we have been requesting – indeed it is perhaps a shame that it takes a crisis of the current magnitude for this role to be publicly applauded.  But we appreciate it now nonetheless.

Here is a link to the relevant page on the .gov website where you can read the full letter:


Pam Murrell
Pam Murrell