29 Mar Business Support and Advice

The CMF has been issuing regular updates to Members detailing the business support available from the UK Government.  If you are a Member company but are not receiving these updates, but would like to, please contact the office.

At present businesses are not required to close: “…people can leave the office to go to work if that work can’t be done from home.  While restaurants, bars etc must close as a measure to contain the virus, other businesses can continue to operate.” 

We are also aware that many of our members are supplying essential sectors, for example medical, national infrastructure, transport and energy, and they will need to keep operational to maintain supplies to these sectors.

However, Members will of course need to take every precaution they can to prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace.

The UK Government is ensuring that guidance is updated regularly:

“There is guidance online which is updated regularly:

Pam Murrell
Pam Murrell