20 Aug Leadership & Management for the Castings Industry

The Cast Metals Federation is pleased to announce a new programme of leadership and management courses for Members.

The development of the future leaders for the casting and foundry industry, and the associated supply chain, is important to our Members – we all seek to nurture talent and foster a culture of continuous improvement through professional development.

So we have brought together a suite of courses at various levels that will be delivered over the coming months, complementing our existing suite of H&S courses.

All the courses will be:
• Practical and engaging for all levels,
• Proven and popular programmes focussed on learning that can be immediately applied in the workplace,
• Cost effective,
• Accredited by the CPD Certification Service, the UK independent continuing professional development scheme

Most are two-day courses, and the first course available to you will be ‘Working with your Team’, part of the frontline programme, taking place on 17th September & 3rd October – attendance on both days is required to complete the course.

Full details will be issued soon, but to register your interest please send an email to: angelamason@cmfed.co.uk

Angela Mason
Angela Mason